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Inkscape - a real Adobe alternative

When I first started design over a decade ago I was a huge advocate of Adobe illustrator but more recently over the past three years I have used Inkscape as a viable alternative.

Inkscape is a scalable vector graphics program that has a huge and ever growing following. It includes much of the tools you would expect from a premier graphics application such as brushes, filters, editing nodes for manipulation,cloning tracing bit maps and much more.

Inkscape is an open source application meaning it costs nothing, just download and use. Supported by a wide array of developers world wide, Inkscape is constantly being improved. The interface is simple and easy to use and the vast amount of tutorials available on the internet are fantastic for the novice to get started.

If you need a solid application for serious design, then look no further - Inkscape is definitely worth your attention. Many people assume that because an application is open source that it falls well short of the proprietary systems out their, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Links for Inkscape artists

Links for Inkscape tutorials

If you want to download Inkscape and start using it here is the link: Download Inkscape